8 March 2017 Am I a carrier of stress? Some words of wisdom from the Little Brown Book Although Mary MacKillop faced many sad and stressful times, she did her best not to impose her burdens on others. 16 February 2017 Chloe's Story Inspired by Mary MacKillop, a young girl named Chloe and her mother continue the good works Mary started
8 February 2017 Good God ... It's Morning! No! Good Morning God! During 2017, we will post monthly reflections from the 'Little Brown Book', a goldmine of inspiration, linking Mary's words, our lives and scripture. 2 February 2017 What Can I Say about my Mother? The disappearance of Kathleen’s cancer was accepted as the miracle that took Mary, co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, ‘over the line’, so to speak.
26 January 2017 Australia Day Maybe this upcoming Australia day, we’ll catch a spark from Mary MacKillop's pen 15 January 2017 Birthday letter from Mary MacKillop A birthday letter from Mary MacKillop on her 175th birthday
1 January 2017 Happy New Year Become an artisan of peace 22 December 2016 A Christmas Message from Sr Monica As we prepare to celebrate Christmas I am drawn to reflect on the symbol of the "stable"
7 December 2016 Mural is a Sign of Diversity Mount Carmel College proudly unveiled a mural titled 'Songlines' 2 December 2016 Forgive - and Give Someone the Best Christmas Gift of All! The Year of Mercy is officially over, but Mary MacKillop and our Pope remind us that we will always be called to be people of forgiveness and mercy
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