The Secret to Happiness

3 July 2017 | General Interest

Find happiness in making others happy!  

Mary MacKillop 1899

Happiness is very much an inside job, but we depend so much on each other for happiness, especially in marriage, both as givers and receivers.

I can forget the indisputable fact that no one, no institution, no marriage, is perfect.

Remember on this earth that no one is perfect! 

Mary MacKillop 1889

2017 - LBB - July

Mary found her happiness in making others happy. Jesus had the same approach.

It does mean living with imperfection - in ourselves and others.

Reject no one … Judge not ...

Mary MacKillop 1867 and  1869

It also means not giving in to self-pity when life seems hard.  At these times Mary would say:

The Cross may press heavily but you can be happy for all this.   

Mary MacKillop 1890


 I want to know Christ

Philippians 3:11


Little Brown Book - smallThis extract (pp110-111) from The Little Brown Book has been used with the kind permission of the authors, Sue and Leo Kane.

The Little Brown Book can be purchased from: Mary MacKillop / Josephite Centres across Australia and  and Pauline Books and Media.